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ZOMBIE Worms are Here!

They’re cool. They’re huge. They’re the scariest looking worms around.  They’re ZOMBIE worms.

Simple to raise in damp peat moss, or a couple of inches of oatmeal, with a few slices of apple or carrot.  That’s all you need!

Unlike small mealworms that need to be kept chilled, Zombie worms LOVE room temperature.  No worms in the refrigeration needed (You’re welcome mom).

Feed your Zombie worms to your chickens and reptiles (They will go NUTS) chasing down the Zombie’s.  Keep a few Zombie Worms for breeding purposes, and you will have perpetual feeders.  Zombie Worms will morph into beetles, the beetles will lay eggs, and then die…leaving you with up to 500 Zombie Worm babies.

You can’t go wrong with these easy to breed Zombie’s.

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