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Worm Inn Q and A with customer, Ruth D.

I bought my worm bin in 2010 and I love it!  I thought I saw you advertise a rolling

stand for the worm bag. Do you make one?

Also how often should I be emptying the regular size bag worm bin? Should I ever

take any of the worms out?

Squirming to know,

Ruth D.


Hi Ruth,

2010…. that is awesome. Sorry, no rolling stand. I was working on a wooden

stand, but could never get them manufactured anywhere near the price point

I was looking for.

I usually empty my Inn 2-3x a year. When it is really full and really heavy, I empty it. 🙂

Some worms fall out with the castings, but I put a piece of rotting fruit in the material and

In a day or two, the worms are hanging to that fruit. Then I just throw them back into my bag.

No need to ever take the worms out.






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