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Worm Inn Customer Testimonial

I’m writing in regards to one of your recent blog post about how much and how fast the Worm Inn processes material.  I just wanted to chime in because I partially harvested both my Worm Inns this weekend and took a couple pictures.  I had last harvested them sometime during late Fall.  That particular harvest resulted in enough castings for me to brew five gallons of worm tea just about every weekend since the fall, and provided enough castings for me to plant my veggie garden this Spring.
I attached pictures of material fresh from one of my Worm Inns and a couple pictures of the castings after being put through 1/8″ screen.  The last picture shows the total castings from both of my Inns.  My Inns contain a mix of Euros and Reds.  Anyway, as a fan and supporter of the Worm Inn I just wanted to share some pics that might help you with future questions since you help so many on the blog and in the forum.  Feel free to share them if it helps you out at all.
Raw Castings

Screened Castings

Pretty Huh!

Tea anyone?

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