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Why The Worm Inn Composts Better Than ANY other Commercial Worm System!

Ever go on an apple eating binge, and just happen to have about 3 dozen apples go bad on you at the same time?¬† Me neither…I’ve never gone on an apple eating binge in my life. ūüôā

Actually a buddy of mine has a large apple tree loaded with apples.¬† He brought a bunch over, and of course the first question I asked was, “Got any rotten ones”?¬†¬† After a momentary strange look, he realized where I was going with this question, and the next day brought over 3 dozen rotting apples!¬† SCORE!

I put the rotten apples in my Worm Inn (See pic above), and covered them with plenty of bedding.  A week later, the apples are just starting to break down slowly and naturally, just as they would if they were laying on the ground.  The worms are starting to attack the apples, and soon, I will need more worm food for The Inn.

Now…compare this with putting 3 dozen rotting apples in a plastic bin with little air flow.¬† That’s the recipe for apple vinegar, and a great way to heat up your bedding and off gas your worms.¬†¬† For all you new Worm people…heating up your bedding or off gassing your worms = DEAD WORMS.

If you have had a plastic worm bin for any length of time, you’re probably shaking your head up and down right now.¬† Although this would be a¬†worm¬†massacre in a plastic bin, it’s just another week in the life of The Worm Inn!¬†¬†¬† Either I’ve got some magic worms or a perfect worm composting system….You decide!

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