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Why I Recommend Not Buying a Plastic Bin For Worm Composting!

Here is a typical email and pic from a couple that just bought their first worms…..

We had trouble with keeping the worms inside the Worm Fxxxxx, and keeping vinegar flies outside, so yesterday we tried to put some more dry newspaper on top but the worms have started to escape on a large scale since this morning…
We don’t know what to do…!!

Thanks if you can help!

This is a common problem with plastic bins, and quite frankly, why I do not and have not sold plastic bins in years.

1.  Plastic is non porous and does not breathe, even if you drill holes in it.

2.  Think of a plastic bin as a bucket.  Have you ever kept food scraps in a bucket underneath your kitchen sink?  When you opened the bucket, what did it look and smell like?

3.  When dealing with plastic bins, you can easily create anaerobic situations (Stink due to lack of oxygen).  This can kill worms quickly.

4.  Plastic bins hold water so well, you’re usually dealing with MUD, when you want are nice, light castings (Think damp coffee grounds).  Additionally, mud and pressure (From stacking trays. is the recipe for making adobe bricks!)

5.  Worms LOVE to crawl around the side walls of plastic bins, and often times they want to crawl out.

All of these problems go away when you use The Worm Inn.  Properly filled with LOTS of bedding material, you can fill it with a LOT of scraps without issue.  The sides of The Worm Inn do not stay wet, so worms NEVER crawl up the sides.  Because THE WORM INN has so much breathability, it does not stink even when loaded up.  The reality is, when fruit and veggies break down, they should smell a little sweet (except for broccoli and brussel sprouts…lol).

We ship worms in breathable bags, not plastic containers.  Why do you think we do that?

Buy a better worm composting system and enjoy the experience.  Buy THE WORM INN.

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