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Where Do You Get Leaf Litter Mulch?

I’m constantly telling people with soil problems that if they add Leaf Litter Mulch to their garden (Or their lawn), on a regular basis, that their soil will greatly improve and become worm friendly.

I was asked today where to get Leaf Litter Mulch?

Unfortunately, most garden centers and Big Box Hardware Stores do not sell Leaf Litter Mulch as they sell only what the major manufacturers provide them.  That’s primarily ground up pallets sold as “Mulch” (The manufacturers get paid dump fees for taking the pallets, grind them up, and get paid AGAIN selling the ground pallets in bags).

Ground up pallets are a sad excuse for a good soil amendment, but that is the junk available at your local big box hardware stores and garden centers.

So what can you do?

  1.  If you see a gardener, ask him if he has a bunch of leaves he wants to get rid of.  Just make sure the leaves are not mixed in with grass trimmings because so many people put synthetic fertilizers on their lawn.  If you get some trimmings, simply put them in a pile and run over the pile with your car.  You can smother a lawn with whole leaves, but when crunched up, they make a great compost put a couple of inches deep on top of your lawn or garden.
  2. Walk down your street.  Find a leaf pile, grab the leaves, and run over them with your car.  Easy.
  3. If you have a leaf blower (We have a good rechargeable blower), you also have a leaf “Sucker”.  Ours comes with an wide hose attachment and a burlap bag.  I simply vacuum up the leaves and they are ground up by the impeller.  Great leaf mulch in seconds.

Leaves break down fast, and leaves that are crunched up break down even faster.  Layered on top of your soil, they will decompose as the winter rain hits.  Soon, you will have created a great, worm friendly environment.



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