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What Happens to Worms Thrown in Rotting Vegetation?

Many people new to worms have the mistaken idea that composting worms live in rotting vegetation. They save up all their fruit and vegetable waste, throw in a pound of worms, and over the next 2-3 days, end up killing all of their worms.

The reality is that composting worms live in BEDDING and Eat rotting vegetation.

I put together a few video’s to hammer home the point.

Part 1 – Worm Daquiri’s! A pound of worm meat inhabits the inside of a pineapple.

Part 2 – Worms in trouble. This is what happens to worms after a few days in rotting vegetation (No bedding).

Part 3 – Save the worms in The Worm Inn.
Worms in a pineapple = bad!
That same pineapple in The Worm Inn, followed by the worms = very good!

Part 4 – Pineapple Party in The Worm Inn.
Unlike plastic bins…The Worm Inn can handle a LOT of produce waste. It breaks down
slowly and aerobically. Conversly, Waste in a plastic worm bin breaks down poorly and turns acidic quickly. Think rotting fruit in a bucket…NASTY. Plastic just doesn’t breathe no matter how many holes you put in it.

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