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What Did YOU Do Today?

I woke up this morning with BIG plans.   One of today’s “To Do’s” was to begin stress testing  my SUPER sized Worm Inn.  Ideally, I would have had about 50 newspapers soaking so that I could fill the unit completely with bedding.    The problem with that plan was that  I had given away a bunch of newspapers to Vermicomposters that needed newspapers when they picked up their worms.  So…I decided to make due with what I had.

I had several pumpkins that were starting to rot really quickly. 

I had a weeks worth of TP tubes.

I had about a dozen newspapers.

I had a spare 10 pounds of worms.

I was ready to go.

I then took the newspapers on hand, tore them up, buried my scraps, and soaked the unit down  thoroughly.  Because I broke my own rule and did not soak the papers for 24 hours before hand,  I’m probably going to need to add water for the next two weeks in order to make the newspaper saturated (Something I would not have  to do if I had set up my bin properly)!  One thing this picture is not showing well is just how large these pumpkins are.  The one in the middle is about the size of a basketball.  The one on the right is about the size of a beach ball.  We’re probably talking 30 pounds of pumkin to start off.

By the time I was done, I had covered my scraps thoroughly.  Because I had so many pumpkins rotting at the same time, had I not done this, I could expect a fruit fly explosion in a matter of days.   Let’s check back in a few days and see how the system is doing.

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