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What Customers are Saying About The Worm Inn

Everyone LOVES The Worm Inn.  The customers that started with plastic systems love it even more. 😉

Here’s a note from my friend Jason, a definite Worm Inn fan!

I look at a lot of videos of large scale commercial vermicomposting operations such as Sunburst Biotech, Worm Power, and American Resource Recovery.  All of them go to a lot of trouble it seems to get the materials ready such as composting, shredding, saturating with water then squeezing it out.  One thing I like about The Worm Inn is you just throw in the material whole with little fuss.  I do shred paper, but I remember having a few newspaper sheets that I balled up in my hands and threw in my Worm Inn and the worms ate it no problem.  I still find the large scale vermicomposters fascinating in the volumes they process, but they use a lot of energy, machinery, and fuss to get materials ready initially.

 Thanks Jason, I couldn’t have said it better!

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