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What are Red Worms FAVORITE food?

Red Worms (Red Wigglers), have lots of foods that they really like.
Some examples:
Cantaloupe Skin
Watermelon Rind
Avacado Skin
Corn on the cob

See the pattern here….worms have sweet tooths!

Understand, worms will eat LOTS of different types of rotting produce. We are just talking about their absolute favorites.

I’m often asked what worms like BEST! Since I’m yet to hear a worm speak 😉 obviously the only way to measure what worms like best is to watch their reactions, and see how they swarm the broken down food.

Based on this…I’m about to share what worms like BEST!


Now is the time….If you have worms, ask your neighbors to save their Jack O’ Lanterns for you. The worms don’t care if the pumpkin starts to go moldy, in fact, to a worm, mold just means they will soon have available food!

If you’ve thought about composting with Red Worms, but don’t have worms yet, now is a great time to start.

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