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Vermicompost Question From Betty

Here is a great question from Betty in Palm Desert:

How often do I put the worm castings around the plants?  I am having so much fun in the garden and as always thanks so much for your expertise and your help.

Hi Betty,

Glad to hear you are having so much fun.  Vermicompost makes plants do well, and healthy, happy plants makes gardening fun.

I need to give you my standard answer, “It depends”.  Let me explain.

Rule of thumb:  Give your plants some castings and/or brewed worm tea whenever they need a pickup.   You cannot burn your plants with vermicompost or brewed worm tea, so you need not worry about that.   If I’m growing veggies, I will usually treat the plants when they first start sprouting, and again right before producing.

I treat fruit trees as soon as they start showing their spring growth.  IMO, it’s a waste of time to give them castings during the winter when most fruit trees (Non citrus), have lost their leaves and are basically hibernating.

Ornamentals get a treatment right after last frost.

Basically, my thoughts are, treat the plants when they are ready to start turning green.  Treating them in the winter when most plants are doing nothing is a waste of time and resources.

Of course, living in Palm Desert, you can probably grow tomato’s in the middle of winter so YMMV. 🙂

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