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Urgent Question From Sam

Hi there – just got a worm bin – it’s a “worm factory” – anyways…I just love the ding dong things and I can’t help but feed them daily and then turn their “soil”.  When I do this, am I stressing them out?  I want them to reproduce for sure – so I can compost more but I don’t want to stress them so they don’t…can you tell me if “playing” with them and their soil is going to prevent them from reproducing?

Hi Sam,
Na, it’s not going to stop them from reproducing, but you will likely end up with a bug swarm because when you turn over their bedding, you are likely bringing up some of the rotting vegetation to the top.

Additionally, people often realize that their bedding looks best when they come back from a short vacation (A few days away).  Worms are just doing their thing and have turned the bedding into rich Vermicompost.  But, if you are careful and make sure your scraps are well covered every time you get done playing, you should be fine.

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