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This is why I LOVE Biochar!

I was reading a gardening book, and I came across this quote from Jerry Baker:

Soil Secrets
No matter how good your plants look when you buy them, or how fresh your seeds may be, their (and your) success depends on how well you prepare the soil in the beds you are making for them. As all good gardening professionals know, the best soil you can give your plants is one that will hold moisture while letting the extra water run off.

This describes Biochar perfectly. Biochar acts like a Biological sponge, holding in water and nutrients and releasing these liquids to feed your plants as it begins to dry out. It does not get “Boggy” like many commercial potting mixes, so the roots of your plants never smother.

If you’ve never tried Biochar before, I recommend giving it a test. It’s great stuff.

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