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Things That Make You Want To Cry!

Your first question is, “Why are we looking at rotting pumpkins laying on the ground”?  

Your next question is likely,  “Why not just add them to Your Worm Inn”?

My last blog post shows my Worm Inn filled with 36 decomposting apples.  Could I add these rotting pumpkins to my Inn at the same time?  Probably. 

Would I likely not have enough room for bedding in my Worm Inn?  Probably.

What happens when you don’t leave enough room for bedding?  You got it, BUGS!

Although The Worm Inn is The Best Commercial Worm Composter on the market,  if you don’t add enough bedding to ANY worm composting system, you will attract flying bugs.  It’s just nature….the smell of rotting vegetation will attract bugs.

Although we can beat Mother Nature by covering the rotting vegetation with plenty of bedding (So the bugs cannot smell the rotting vegetation),  if we get greedy and  throw every scrap in the neighborhood into a Worm composting system and forget to include a nice deep layer of bedding,  bugs will come……

If you want to process every scrap in the neighborhood and have room for bedding, that’s fine.  Just get TWO Worm Inn’s! 😉

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