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The Worm Inn is “Really Cool”!

I received this email from Michelle C.  She just started composting with The Worm Inn:

Hi Jerry, just wanted to give you a quick wormy update that my worms are doing great and plowing through tons of food scraps.
The worm bin (The Worm Inn) is really cool- My friend’s kid is going to do a little project on it for his science class!
Have a great weekend!
Did you realize The Worm Inn can easily  pay for itself the first year? 
I normally harvest between 10-20 gallons of Worm Castings a year out of my Worm Inn.  Generally, castings will weight about 30 pounds for every 5 gallons.  Castings from The Worm Inn come out fluffier,  so I’d estimate Worm Inn castings weigh about 20 pounds for every 5 gallons.  This means a Worm Inn can easily produce 40-80 pounds of castings (Or more) in a year.
I sell castings for pickup at $20 for 10 pounds.  At this price, the castings coming out of my Worm Inn are worth $80-$160!
Normally, you pay extra to buy a product considered “GREEN”.
With the Worm Inn, you save Green to Make Green!

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