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The Worm Inn. EZ Worm Composting. How Much, How Fast?

There are two main questions that people ask about The Worm Inn.

How much can it process?

How fast will it process?

The Worm Inn (Pictured above), has been set up in my garage for appx. 8-9 months.    I decided to empty it today for a few reasons:

1.  I’m going to start totally fresh, taking pictures every week and monitoring just how much goes into this system (And showing how much waste is avoiding the landfill every week).

2.  I wanted to show the amount of useable castings come out of the system.  You’re looking at approximately 9 gallons of unscreened castings.  Just the stuff straight out of the system.  I sell 5 gallons of castings for approximately $50.  At this rate, the Worm Inn pays for itself in less than one year!

3.  When I take the weekly pictures, I will also include bedding that I add to the top of the system.  You will not BELIEVE how fast the bedding level drops.  And the bedding that I add to the top could be many things….from newspaper, to junk mail, to toilet paper tubes, to paper towel tubes.  No paper shredder?  Doesn’t matter.  You’ll see.

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