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The Food Waste Problem – Week 9

Remember the whole watermelon I put in last week?  Wait and see what happened to it. You will be amazed.  The bag itself looks like I put the usual 3-5 pounds of scraps and worms are waiting for more.  Is that possible?

5.25 pounds of waste this week.  Not the usual stuff.  Because our weather has been so strange….Hot, Cool, Rainy, Hot….my lettuce is bolting faster than I’ve ever seen it.  So…rather than throwing all that lettuce in the trash, might as well give it to the worms.

Between the bolting lettuce and our food scraps, almost filled up a bucket this week also.

Here’s the money shot.  Can you find the remaining watermelon in the INN?

This weeks food du jour is the lettuce I was telling you about.  Lots of it.

And when I’m done, you can’t even tell I added a thing.

Previous total – 20.87 pounds of food waste diverted from the landfill.

This weeks waste – 5.25 pounds.

Total waste processed – 26.12 pounds!

The more the merrier, it’s all going to be nice rich vermicompost for my plants after the worms have had their way with it.


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