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The Food Waste Problem – Week 8

I was shopping this weekend and saw the Watermelon cribs FULL of BIG, juicy melons. Instead of triggering a rational thought of…that looks good,  the first thought that came to mind was, That would make a great blog post this week………

Turns out the Melon was very good too….  LOL.

Lots of produce scraps for The Worm Inn this week…..

Here is the skin of that entire Watermelon…..

Total waste to be added to The Worm Inn this week…12.49 pounds…..WOW!

Here is what it looked like when I just dumped everything in (Before covering up the scraps).

Because the worms had broken down much of the existing bedding, I added some fresh newspaper shreds this week.  Notice, I chose to add my shreds totally dry.  This was done on purpose….My Inn had plenty of moisture in it from last week, and I know 12+ pounds of scraps would release a lot of water.  The addition of the dry shreds will help suck up the excess moisture in the Inn this week.   After adding the shreds, you would never know I just plopped in an entire watermelon (And more), this week.

Previous total amount of waste diverted from the landfill – 20.87 pounds

New total after this week…..33.36 pounds of food waste diverted from the landfill!!!


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