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The Food Waste Problem – Week 7

This week was more representative of a “Normal” week for us.   We dehydrated some Mango, so we had quite a few skins in our waste, in addition to the normal, “Stuff”.

…and the scale says…a whopping 4.49 pounds of waste.

As usual, the bedding level had dropped some.  Worms are waiting to be fed…..

Temps this week were unusually high…..and unusually low.  Anyway, last weeks scraps rotted pretty quickly.  No bad smells though…that’s aerobic decomposition, the product of a breathable system.  Waste is broken down, but not soupy…just damp.

Now you’re probably thinking, Why is he throwing out perfectly good lettuce?  Well, once again temps going from 60 degrees to 95 degrees in a week have freaked out the fresh lettuce….making it bolt (Turn to seed), and extremely bitter.  The lettuce below “Looks” good, but is waaayyy bitter.  Haven’t heard the worms complaining about it though.

Another pic of the “Stuff” before covering it back up.

And the final pic with everything covered up.  It takes 10x as long to document the waste as it does to deal with it.

Previous total – 16.38 pounds

This week – 4.49 pounds

New Total – 20.87 pounds of food waste being turned into valuable vermicompost.

Time spent actually processing the waste this week…..approximately 30 seconds.

What’s YOUR excuse for not doing this?


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