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The Food Waste Problem – Week 6

So…first things first…I had added bedding a few days ago and just got around to wetting the new stuff this afternoon.

We had a little more food waste this week than normal, so I put it in a medium garbage bag in order to weigh it all at once.  Included in this weeks food waste was some romaine lettuce growing out back that started turning to seed.  For those of you that have never grown lettuce….

1.  You don’t know what you are missing.  Fresh lettuce is fantastic.

2.  Unfortunately, lettuce turns to seed quickly when the weather gets too warm, or the plant gets stressed.  As it begins to turn to seed the lettuce gets very bitter.  The worms still love it though!

90 degree weather a few days after cool, rainy weather makes it really stressful on plants like lettuce.

Before I put in the food, I wanted to check out what remained of the prior food waste….

Basically nothing left!  Just damp paper with a few small chunks of who knows what…..worms are gonna be hungry.

Everyone in the pool!  Chow time.

…And all waste covered up and ready to be devoured by the worms.  Easy as can be.

Previous total – 13.04 pounds

This week – 3.34 pounds

New total  16.38 pounds of food waste being turned into valuable vermicompost.

It’s done when I am sleeping.

It’s done when I am awake.

It’s done when I’m taking a shower.

It’s done when I’m driving to work.

It’s done when I’m at lunch.

It’s done when I’m driving back home.

It’s done even when I’m preparing dinner, and creating more food waste.

Worms are amazing creatures.

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