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The Food Waste Problem – Week 4

I got a late start on the blog today as I’ve been working in the backyard all weekend.  Spent the early evening picking giant veggies (I’ll write about them shortly).  Anyway, the lighting in my garage was horrible (See below).

Sorry about that reflection.  The weight was 3.75 pounds (The bowl weighs .73), so let’s call it 3 pounds (Net) of scraps for today.

As usual, I took a pic at how far down The Worm Inn is this week.  Check this out.

…and another thing I like to do is check and see how broken down stuff is in The Inn.  This is definitely optional.

Everything looks good, so I’ll dump in my new mess of scraps.

And cover everything up with toilet paper tubes and more shredded newspaper.

Yep.  It’s that EASY.

Previous Total – 10.04 pounds

Todays – 3 pounds

Total waste diverted from landfill after four weeks…13.04 Pounds.

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