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The Food Waste Problem – Week 3

Now we’re starting to pick up steam.  Had a big Mother’s Day brunch that ended up with Fresh Grilled Pineapple, Brown Sugar, and French Vanilla Ice Cream (You can thank me later for this one…it’s the bomb!).  Anyway, had a bunch of skin from today’s Pineapples, and some of the usual waste.

Quite a bit…today’s waste weighed in at almost 4 pounds.

Here’s how my Worm Inn looked before I did anything today…..

Worms are happy as can be….doing their thing….

Everyone in the pool!!!

Here’s a twist.  I had a customer come by to pick up a Worm Inn and some worms.  He needed newspaper more than I did, so I gave him what I had on hand.  No worries….I like newspaper as a base because it holds water really, really well.  But, once I’ve got that base, I can add other stuff in lieu of newspaper…..Like this!

I could have run the tubes through my paper shredder (I have a really high end shredder), but, no need.  Over time, the worms will break down these toilet paper tubes, paper towel tubes, and egg crate just fine.

I then zipped up the bag and because I had a bunch of other things to do, I didn’t even water the TP tubes in.  No big deal…the underlying paper was plenty damp.  I’ll water the system either tomorrow or the next day.

See how easy The Worm Inn makes worm composting!

Week 3:  May 12, 2013 – 3.91 Pounds

YTD (3 Weeks) 10.04 pounds of waste that will never hit the landfill.

How much food waste did you send to the landfill over the past 3 weeks?

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