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The Food Waste Problem – Week 2.5

I’ve received lots of emails about the current blog thread.  In fact, more emails than any other topic I’ve written about.  People are fascinated about reading the weekly posts showing just how much the worms process…..and you ain’t seen nothin yet!

The first thing I wanted to share is just how fast the level of bedding has dropped.  Amazing, isn’t it?

The next thing I usually do is just take a quick peek at the worms, and see how they are eating away.  Even though I’ve vermicomposted for years, believe it or not, worms still fascinate me.

Time to weigh todays scraps…..3.38 pounds…that’s more like it.

I simply dump in the scraps and holler for the worms that dinner is ready.  Compare trying to do this with a stackable plastic bin with 3 inch deep trays…..

Then, I just cover up the scraps thoroughly.  I had some additional newspaper, so I added it.

Then I simply zipped up the top.  What could be easier?

This entire process literally took a minute.  I don’t know anyone that “Literally” does not have a minute to spare.  At this point I could water the system (I just mist right through the mesh top)…..or not.  The area where the worms are is damp, so the new paper on top doesn’t need to be watered down until I get around to it.

Week 2.5 – May 9, 2013 – 3.38 pounds

YTD (Actually only 2.5 weeks) – 6.13 pounds of waste that will never hit the landfill.


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