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The Evolution of The Worm Inn – And MORE!

You may be asking yourself,  “Am I on the right website”?   Who is this guy Bentley?

I consider my Canadian friend Bentley Christie from
http://www.RedWormComposting.com the “Godfather” of The Worm Inn. Watch the video above, and you will learn about the evolution of The Worm Inn, all the way back to the creepy pants composter. It was through Bentley’s website that I saw my first Worm Inn, and it was through Bentley that I met Robyn Crispe, the designer of The Worm Inn.

At the time, Robyn was looking to do other things with her life, so I made her an offer for her business that she happily accepted. Since that time, over 1,000 Worm Inn’s have been sold, and the response has been amazing.

What’s the next logical step? A Worm Inn that has 5X the volume of the original Worm Inn. The larger unit can be used for multifamily use, and/or larger scale worm propogation. Finishing touches are now being added to the unit, and it will be available for sale shortly.

As the “Godfather” of The Worm Inn, I thought the least I could do was sponsor a contest on Bentley’s website to name the newest member of The Worm Inn family. Several Worm Inn’s are being given away. Don’t miss your chance to win!

Go to www.RedWormComposting.com for details of the contest.

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