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The EASY Way To Attract Flying Bugs

Disclaimer:  You may recognize things you’ve been doing and think I’m making fun of you.   I’m not.   LOT’S of others have done the same.  I’m not purposely making fun of anyone….I’m simply using relavent examples to support my points.

Even if you are a regular reader of my blog and love worms,  you probably do not spend as much time as I do thinking about worms….and I guarantee that you do not spend as much time as I do fielding questions about worms. 🙂

One subject that comes up daily is dealing with bugs.  

You’ve got two options:

1.  Try setting up your worms in their bin so that you are not asking for bug swarms.

2.  Throw your scraps to your worms and pray.

I obviously recommend option 1, but I want to talk a bit about option 2.

This may sound obvious, but one of the MOST COMMON ways people lure bugs to their worm bins is by throwing food scraps into their worm bin without covering them well with clean damp bedding.  I use the word “Obvious” because if  I wanted to ATTRACT flying bugs, I would do exactly that.   Would you prefer NOT attracting bugs?  Bury your scraps well and maintain plenty of clean damp bedding on top of the scraps.

A second common way that people attract bugs into their system is a little less obvious, but very common.

Have you ever seen a compost pile made purely of leaves?   If you have, you’ve seen the accompanying bugs.  Because leaf piles are kept outside, we just expect bugs flying in, around, and throughout.  Yet…when people bring fill their worm bins with leaves as bedding and soon see bugs, they wonder why?  Bugs don’t respect boundaries, and if you use leaves as your bedding source, expect bugs….you’ve just added them to your system.

90% of bug related problems can be resolved by burying scraps well, and not using bedding that bugs live in (Such as leaves).

Now repeat after me: 

I will not do things to attract bugs to my system!

I will not do things to attract bugs to my system!

I will not do things to attract bugs to my system!

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