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Thanks Alabama Jumpers! Thanks Red Wigglers!

Is this something out of Jurassic Park?  Considering this plant is growing over a foot every day, maybe it is!  Scroll down a bit.  This is the same plant I have pictures of just 10 days ago (below).

This is what happens when you plant in well aerated soil (Thanks Alabama Jumpers),  that is loaded with beneficial bacteria (Thanks Red Wiggler Castings).

The best part is I haven’t done ANYTHING!   The worms did and continue to do all the work.

No special camera,  no special tricks,  just good healthy soil that is feeding the plants…like nature intended.

Would you like your garden to look like this?  It could.

1)  Collect or purchase a foot or two of leaf litter mulch.

2)  Keep damp

3)  Add Alabama Jumpers.

4)  Plant your plants.

5)  Add a couple handfuls of worm castings around the base of each plant.

Read through my blog.  You will see that this is not anything extraordinary.  EVERYTHING I plant looks like this.  No bone meal, blood meal, Synthetic Junk or book reading needed.  Just pick out some plants that you would LOVE to produce for you, and you’re good to go.

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