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Strawberries and Ahaaaaa Moments


If you’re lucky, one of the benefits of getting older is the ability to use past experiences in order to NOT repeat them. 🙂    When I was younger, I would plant things, and watch them grow, and not necessarily reap any benefits.  Here’s an example.  How many times have you planted strawberries, only to watch them come up big and beautiful…only to rot in the dirt?  

Last week, I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off,  looking for straw to lay underneath the 40 strawberries I was about to plant.   I knew full well that I would either have to pay through the nose buying straw in bags from a pet store, or, I was going to have an extremely messy car buying straw in a bale.  I wasn’t particuliarly excited about either option.

I said to myself….self, how do the pro’s grow strawberries?  Self said back….they use fabric that let’s water flow through!

So….with a roll of Weedstop, I did this……



I then just cut some slits in the fabric and planted my 40 strawberry starts.    I should be a couple of months away from a “Sea of Green”…and RED. 🙂



Y’all can thank me later for this design…..you know you wanna try it. 🙂

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