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Save Money – Make your own Soil Cubes!


Do you enjoy eating store bought fruits and vegetables?    Be honest.   Store bought produce is convenient, but grown simply for surviving shipping.   The produce goes from broker, to warehouse, to your store…and finally, to you!   This is why most store bought produce lacks the flavor it is SUPPOSED to have!   

Your worms are doing great and producing castings.   You’ve halved the amount of garbage that you set out on collection day.  Now what?   Why not start producing some of your own fruits and veggies?    You know you can do better…and here is a tool to help!   


A Soil cube is a cube of growing medium that has been lightly compressed and shaped by a form. A soil cube serves as both a container and the soil for starting and growing seedlings, eliminating the need for plastic pots and trays for transplanted seedlings.   Seedlings grown in soil cubes form stronger root systems than those grown in containers due to increased oxygen to the roots and the soil cube’s natural tendency to “prune” roots.   When these seedlings are transplanted into the field,  they establish themselves more quickly because of lessened root disruption.  This also makes your plants less prone to transplant shock.   


• Save Money!   The Soil Cube Tool is cost effective and will quickly pay for itself.  When compared to purchasing peat pellets,  peat pots,  or other small plastic pots that will deteriorate over time, the small expense of a Soil Cube Tool will be immediately offset in the first few flats of seedlings.  

 • A few plants at a time or many can be started.  Succession planting is easy with the Soil Cube Tool.

• More kinds of vegetables can be grown in soil cubes.  Since there is no root shock when the cubes are moved to the growing beds,  plants, usually not recommended for transplantation can be raised successfully in cubes such as:  sweet corn, beets, and cucumbers.

• Because soil cubes breathe without the constraint of plastic, there is no problem with your young plants becoming root-bound as in a plastic pot.    

Compare this vs. competitive systems.  It’s a great product at a great value. 

The Soil Cube tool from:   www.TheWormDude.com

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