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NOW is the time to BUY Alabama Jumpers

Alabama Jumper sales have gone through the roof.   Word of mouth has taken these worms from obscurity, to becoming the Superstars of the worm world.  If you have considered adding Alabama Jumpers to your garden, NOW IS THE TIME.

Why buy now?

  1. Huge capacity.  Need 20,000 Jumpers, we’ve got them.
  2. PERFECT shipping conditions around the entire US.
  3. Fall leaves available everywhere (Their favorite food).

Every spring, we get backed up on Jumper orders, but the reality is, the fall is the best time to get your Jumpers into the ground.  This way,  they can start breaking down your leaves and make wonderful friable soil for you when you plant in the spring.  Once spring arrives, it’s really too late to accomplish much (Until the next spring).

Purchase your Jumpers now, or be sorry (and very, very patient) in the spring.


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