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Now is the time to add Alabama Jumpers!

From Kevin in Modesto:

I bought from you some Alabama Jumpers for my garden at the beginning of my gardening season.  I removed all the plants and now have bare ground.  The jumpers are chock full in my planter box which is approximately 4 x 10 x 1.5′ deep.  I want to know what to put on top?  So far, I bought some straw hay and will layer on the top and was wanting your opinion on if that was enough or what to do.

Hi Kevin,

Great news…you created an infestation….a GOOD one.  It’s cool to have these active worms coming out by the handful isn’t it?

Your question is timely as NOW is the best time to prep your dirt for Alabama Jumpers.  Their FAVORITE food is leaf litter, so all you need to do is grab a bunch of leaves from the curb, and throw them on top of your garden bed.  You don’t even want to mix them in as that can rob your existing plants of much needed nitrogen.  Instead, simply layer the leaves on your beds as deep as you want.  You can’t have too many leaves.  The fall and winter rains will break down the leaves, and come spring, you will be even MORE chock full of worms.

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