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My Poor Wife

Since temps are expected to be 100 degrees out here for the next several days, I decided the grow beds would be better off filled with summer fruits, and it was time to pick the onions.  Looks are deceiving here.  This tub weighs about 50 pounds filled with all of these onions.

My poor wife.  I asked her if she would chop and freeze the green onions.  Oh man, that is a LOT of chopping.  I grew these in my grow mix and a lot of Biochar.  Best yields I have ever had.

Onions were removed so I could fill my grow beds with yummy mini watermelons.  The neighborhood kids have been coming over to see these…and they all want to pick them when they are just ping pong ball size….LOL

I’ve potted up several in 15 gallon pots with grow media so their non gardener parents only had to make sure they received some water daily.  The children will never forget growing their own melons, and hopefully,  they will garden themselves someday.




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