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My Pet Alabama Jumper

Meet Wilbur,  my pet Alabama Jumper.  Or, as my wife fondly called him, “Get that THING out of the house”!!!

I found Wilbur today when I was watering my garden and moving a pot.  I grabbed him and brought him inside to get my camera.  Seems I’m always bragging about how Jumpers will get as big as baby snakes, but I’ve never taken pictures of any good sized Jumpers.

Now you can see what I was talking about.  Considering I’ve got REALLY large hands, you can imagine just how big this worm is.

So…I successfully got Wilbur inside, got yelled at by Mrs. Worm Dude, grabbed the camera, and made it back outside without dropping Wilbur once.  No small feat as Wilbur likes to boogie!

(This pic is about 6 feet away so Wilbur looks a lot smaller than he actually is)….

I put Wilbur through enough stress tonight, so I thought I’d do him right and let him go where he can slave away continuing to break up my soil. 🙂

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