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My Life With Worms – A Great Read

If you’re reading my website blog, you obviously have an interest in worms.  Actually, if you’ve made it this far…you probably consider yourself a “Wormaholic” 🙂

I’ve just finished reading an Ebook called, “My Life With Worms” …. and I’d recommend this to anyone that has an appreciation for the amazing work done by the “Intestines of the earth”. 


The Ebook  is Bentley “The Compost Guy “Christie’s (RedwormComposting.com)  story about how he became interested in worms, and the impact Vermiculture has made on his life.   This is a must read for anyone that  enjoys reading stories about worms.  You could purchase literally hundreds of books on vermiculture (And I’ve read some sleepers!), but you’ve probably never read an Ebook about Vermiculture like this!   This is definitely an “Anti-Sleeper”!

Bentley candidly and openly talks about the impact worms have made on his life over the past 10 years.   If you’ve ever read Bentley’s popular blog and you think you know Bentley, you’re in for a surprise!

If you want more information about the ebook, and want to get a taste of Bentley’s humor,  click on the link above.  I think you’ll be glad you did.

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