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I Got the Gardening Bug…bad!



This fall, I got the gardening bug….bad!   This is the “Bug” that makes you spend all your waking hours learning about various gardening techniques, things that you can buy for gardening, how to get the greatest yields, etc. 

Of course, as soon as I plant my crops, we get record low temps (Below freezing in California is definitely not the norm), and days and days of dreary, rainy weather.  I guess I should be thankful for the rainy weather, but considering I just spent a ton of money installing a custom drip system for my beds,  the rainy weather did nothing but stop ME from going outside and enjoying my new garden! 



My plants have all received their liberal dose of Worm Castings, and are doing incredibly well…..except for the tropical pineapples that I planted as I hoped for summer temps all winter…duh… 

Anyway, I’ve got some fun new things to show everyone coming up.   Stay Tuned!


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