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Hungry Yet?


Have you ever seen broccoli grown before?  Don’t be embarrassed, most of us urbanites have no idea about what our everyday foods look like growing.  We only know what they look like:

On the shelf, in the store

After being transported by truck thousands of miles

After sitting in a distribution warehouse

After being picked from the fields

With minimal effort, you could be eating fresh young broccoli right from the backyard.  YUM!  I picked a dozen small heads for dinner tonight.  I’ve also got a rare brocolli growing called Romanesco.  It grows in a cone shape and is a brocolli/cauliflower cross that is supposed to have a nutty flavor.  I’ll post pictures of the Romanesco soon.

If you are a teacher, have friends that are teachers, or know a teacher…have them watch for a special upcoming blog.   I’ve got a VERY cool,  simple,  ultra low cost project that I will be blogging about shortly.  PERFECT for schools as your students will LOVE this project.

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