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How to process an ENTIRE WATERMELON in The Worm Inn – Six easy steps

We spent a few days of our vacation at a cabin in the woods.  During the time we were away, we had an entire (almost 8 pound) watermelon start to rot.

Rather than put the watermelon in the garbage, we fed it to our worms using our, The Worm Inn.

The process was simple…..


Place rotting watermelon in a huge bowl to carry it to The Worm Inn, (Inside my garage).

Step 2

Weigh the watermelon.  This step is totally unnecessary, but makes for a good story. Yup, almost 8 pounds.

Step 3

Unzip The Worm Inn and make room for the Watermelon.  If you look closely, you will see the remains of a bunch of watermelon rinds, along and some home grown tomato’s (slug damaged) that we had put in the Inn before we left on vacation.

Step 4

Place entire rotting watermelon in The Worm Inn.  Make sure I have PLENTY of bedding in the unit to avoid creating a sewer as this melon breaks down over the next few days.

Step 5

Move bedding back on top of the rotting watermelon.

Step 6

Zip bag back up.


If you think worms are pretty cool…you now realize just how SIMPLE, The Worm Inn is to use.

When I tell people I treat my The Worm Inn like a garbage can (for my produce scraps), I mean it.

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