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How To Add Worms To Your Compost Pile

Can I add worms to my compost pile?

Will they live?

How fast do worms break down compost?

Can worms live eating leaves only?

Let’s find out.

I did a mini experiment to see how well worms process and live in a pile of leaves, so here is what I did.

Dry leaves by themselves will not work for keeping worms alive as worms need moisture, but not excessive moisture.  So, I started with a layer of  soaked coir (Available on my website) to maintain a healthy moisture level.  The soaked coir basically acts as a huge sponge.  The coir should stay damp for a week or two, which means I don’t need to do anything but wait and watch.


I added some shredded leaves.  Why shredded?   Remember, worms are living and breathing creatures.  If I were to just add a full sized thick pile of wet leaves, it could turn into a mat, cutting off air flow.  So, I used the coir base to maintain a moisture level, and added the shredded leaves on top.  Lots of air flow in this mixture.


I then added a handful of worms into the material.  Not exactly scientific, but I just wanted to see if I would end up with lots of worms, or few to zero live worms.  I’m not experimenting on worm reproduction rates, I only want to see how the worms do in this material.



The worms did their thing and dug down through the leaves and into the coir mixture.  In just a few minutes, it looked like this again.


What’s next?  I’m simply going to wait and watch.  No additional food to add.  If the coir below gets dry,  I’ll mist the mixture with a bit of water.  Every week, I’ll do a quick check to see if the worms are alive.  It will be interesting to see if the layer of leaves get eaten and dragged down into the coir level.

Assuming the worms survive, it will also be interesting to see the transfer from old dry leaves, to rich worm processed material.

Let’s see what happens.



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