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How Serious Are You About Recycling Your Food Scraps II?

Last weeks food scraps are this weeks castings!  The only thing that has not yet been processed is the whole pumpkin peeking through that was put in a few weeks ago.  It will eventually get eaten, but not until it starts to rot a little.  I just threw it in for kicks, knowing that it would be awhile before the pumpkin is eaten!

Note a few things:

1  I use LOTS of bedding.  That’s important in any worm composting system.  You cannot have too much bedding.

2. NO BUGS!  Mrs. Worm Dude would not be a happy camper if I had bug swarms in my garage!

3. The paper on top is dry.  Actually, I just added it this morning and have not even watered down my Worm Inn this week.  No matter though…the area with food scraps below is damp enough to keep my worms happy and healthy.  I’ll water down the system when I get around to it this evening.  The worms won’t care either way.

Why would I want a plastic bin?

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