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HOT TIPS – Two COMPLETELY different ways to raise red wigglers

I recently watched a video of my friend Bentley from RedWormComposting.com showing how he had GOBS of worms in his Worm Inn MEGA system,  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sv8s6EW6NkI

Bentley used what I call the “Active” method for composting:

  • Starts with a small amount of worms.
  • Chops up or processes food waste prior to adding to the system.
  • Starts relatively small (Relative to the size of the MEGA, he started out only about 25% full.
  • Primary goal is creating worm mass.
  • The worms can be found in the target area with broken down food.


The method I usually use would be considered, “Passive” composting:

  • Starts out with a larger amount of worms (5-10 pounds for a Worm Inn MEGA).
  • No chopping of food waste at all.  Just throw fruit and veggie waste in as if filling a garbage can.  (Whole apples with spots…no problem).
  • Start larger (I’ll fill the unit up with damp, fluffed bedding and all the fruit and veggie scraps that will fit).
  • Primary goal is composting all my fruit and veggie waste with as little effort as possible.
  • The worms will be found in pockets around the system depending on what fruits/veggies break down first.

Please note:  Because plastic systems do not breathe well (Regardless of how they are marketed), passive composting can lead to problems.   If you were to put several gallons of produce scraps in a plastic bin, you’re likely to create a sewer.  First, the material will heat up, then it will off gas, and finally it will stink like anaerobic sewage sludge leading to a total worm die off. 

If you have a plastic system, be very careful how many produce scraps you add at once so you do not kill your worms.

I hope you find these Tips enjoyable and educational.  Feel free to share with your friends and neighbors.  I ask only that any reproduced information be properly linked to this website.


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