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HOT TIPS – Stop your Worms From Drowning!

Did you recently purchase a plastic stackable worm composter? Want to learn the best way to set it up? The directions will tell you to add newspaper or cardboard (To the inside bottom of the tray that sits on the base), as a way of preventing worms from ending up in the base. The problem with this is……Think about it for a sec…The worms will eat through that newspaper/cardboard very quickly!

A MUCH better solution to prevent worms from ending up in the base (And dying/stinking in the stagnant water) is to use Weed Stop (The fabric barrier that goes under rocks to prevent weeds) as a permanent strainer for your system, in lieu of a layer of paper/cardboard on the bottom. Cut the weed stop so that it goes up the sides a bit to make it more difficult for your worms to go around it.

PS. The Weed Stop should ONLY be placed on the inside of the bottom tray that makes contact with the base. If you try using it between trays, your worms will never be able to migrate between trays.

I hope you find these Tips enjoyable and educational. Feel free to share with your friends and neighbors. I ask only that any reproduced information be properly linked to this website.

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