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HOT TIPS – Stop Wandering Worms in Their Tracks

Have you experienced Red Wigglers “Escaping”? This is more typical in a plastic bin/tray system, as Red Wigglers love to explore the plastic sides. This really becomes an issue when the worms start ending up on your floor!

To stop “Explorer’s” from becoming “Escapees”, simply put some dishwashing soap on your fingertip, and line the inside lip of the bin/tray with the soap. The worms will go to the soap, but will not cross it.

If you continue to have a problem, get immediate help from an experienced worm wrangler. If your worms are willing to cross the ring of soap, they are in a really negative environment, and you need to adjust your setup quickly.

PS. Use only enough soap to line the rim. Giving your worms a Bubble Bath is not recommended!

PPS. Worms never wander from The Worm Inn. No need to deal with this if you are a Worm Inn owner.

I hope you find these Tips enjoyable and educational. Feel free to share with your friends and neighbors. I ask only that any reproduced information be properly linked to this website.

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