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HOT TIPS – Grow Your Own Wheat Grass Quickly And Easily

Do you love wheat grass?  Want to grow your own like a pro?  When your worms have turned their bedding into nice rich vermicompost, simply harvest the worms and add some wheat grass seed to the top of the bedding.  Remove the lid from your bin so the wheat grass seeds are exposed to light.  Mist gently.  Within a few days you will have a carpet of wheat grass to enjoy.

EVERYTHING sprouts in a worm bin!

DO NOT  add  the seeds to the top of your worm bin when the worms are still inside.  You’ll create a green mat on top of your worms.  Getting to your worms again would be much like pulling out a lawn!  Don’t ask me how I know..LOL


I hope you find these Tips enjoyable and educational. Feel free to share with your friends and neighbors. I ask only that any reproduced information be properly linked to this website.


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