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I’m always bragging about what worm castings have done for my plants….now you can see what castings have done for others plants.  A few weeks ago I showed Pic’s of my friend Trish’s GIANT tomato’s…..Here’s a pic of my friend Kurt G’s GIANT Pumpkins !   

Are these HUGE or what?

Kurt has been purchasing bags of castings from me every couple of months.  Kurt’s goal…to produce a Giant Pumpkin!   Kurt “Apologetically” told me these could have been much larger, but he would have had  to sacrifice one of these monsters, and that just didn’t seem right. 😉 

Next year, no mercy though…Kurt’s going to be chasing Pumpkin growing Gold!  Only the BIGGEST will survive in 2011. 

Woops…almost forgot……yes, I had the same question….220lbs and 190lbs. 

Pumpkin pie anyone?

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