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Getting Children Interested In Worms

Dear Worm Dude,
My 5yr son is an avid rangler & wants to grow his own worms for fishing. How do we get started? I would like him to grow them outside ūüôā but what is the preferred method of keeping them in one area so when he wants them to go fishing, they can be found easily. Thanks so much for your help…BTW, we live in Kansas City.
Hi Darlia,
Great question, and an easy project that you and your son can do together that he will remember all his life.
You need just a few things.
A container for the worms (Wood is preferable to plastic).
Composting worms (Composting worms do well in bins).
A modicum of shelter for cold KC winters.
For a container, I’d suggest building a simple wooden box.¬† DOES NOT need to be fancy at all.
A good sized box for this project would be 2-3 feet wide, 1-2 feet deep, and 1-2 feet tall.¬† You could make it out of recycled fence boards, or if you want a quick and clean method…just go to Home Depot with some measurements, and have them cut some wood for you.¬† All you would need to do is screw the boards together.
The lid does not need to be anything fancy….just build a wooden lid that lays on top of the box…no need for hinges if you don’t want to deal with¬†them.
Bedding can be newspaper, cardboard, leaves (Just realize that by adding leaves, you are guaranteed to be adding bugs).¬† Paper is clean.¬† LOTS OF BEDDING…..LOTS AND LOTS.¬† FILL UP YOUR BIN WITH DAMP FLUFFY¬†BEDDING…YOU CANNOT HAVE TOO MUCH BEDDING.
For fishing, your best bet is to purchase European Nightcrawlers.  They are very closely
related to Red Wigglers, but are a good mid sized crawler.  If you want to start small,
just go to Walmart and pick up some Trout Worms in the bait section.  
Red Wigglers are too small to be a good all around fishing worm.
Most of the year, as long as you keep your bin in the shade, and never hit by direct sunlight, your bin temps will be just fine.¬† When you have winter snowstorms, you will probably want to bring the bin into a shed or a garage just so the bedding doesn’t freeze into a block.
I didn’t cover¬†every detail about raising worms¬†or feeding worms¬†here, as I’ve pretty much covered that in several¬†years of blog and forum posts on this website.¬† You are certainly welcome to spend some relaxing time reading up on worms, and if you find questions that have not been answered, shoot me another email.
Have fun with your son!


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