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Gardening Can Be Simple…But….

Gardening can be simple….Unfortunately,  many of the products sold to “Help” you grow plants are actually detrimental to long term soil health.

Healthy soil grows healthy plants.  Healthy plants need very little babysitting, whereas unhealthy plants, grown in unhealthy soil,  require a constant regimen of “Treatments” just to stay alive.  It’s a cycle of neglect and treat.

Here is an example of how we tend to do the EXACT opposite of what we should be doing:

In the fall, most of us sweep up fallen leaves and send them away with the trash.  What we should be doing is taking all of these leaves and placing them on top of the soil where we grow our favorite plants.  This is amending your soil at it’s most basic level, and it is the VERY best thing we can do to make healthy soil.

The winter rains will break down the leaves, leaving gorgeous, healthy soil in the spring.

So…why do we bring leaves to the curb?

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