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Funny Worm Story

So….I’m at the post office this afternoon mailing a Worm Inn and Stand Kit to a customer in Malaysia.

While I’m completing the customs paperwork in this crowded post office, I hear, “Anyone in here with the license plate holder that says, THE WORM DUDE”? 

Backstory:  The parking lot at our post office is horribly tight.  LOTS of accidents occur in their lot.  In fact, I was involved in a fender bender there about 6 months ago.

Obviously, my first thought is that this woman backed into my car.  So, I sheeishly turned around and stated, “That’s me”..waiting to hear the bad news.  She then said, The Worm Dude, as in the website, The Worm Dude?  I said, “That’s me”.  She said, don’t worry, nothing is wrong with your car…I have some worm questions for you.

I didn’t know which was the stronger emotion, pride in being recognized, or embarrassment in being recognized. 🙂

Anyway, I finished my transaction and walked out front and helped this nice lady with her worm questions.

It’s tough being a celebrity. 🙂  Just kidding!

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