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Feeding The Worm Inn

It’s been awhile since I posted about my Worm Inn, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to now.  We had family over this weekend and a big bbq.  Summer fruits are always a big hit, so we made a huge fruit salad…..leaving LOTS of scraps for the worms.

You can see how many produce scraps I was able to process all at once.  This is where The Worm Inn differs from other systems.  If you try putting this much in a plastic tub,  you are pretty much guaranteed to create a sewer and kill your worms quickly.  The Worm Inn, because of it’s breathability can easily handle a large amount of scraps (As long as you have plenty of bedding in your Inn).

I didn’t show a picture of the most important part!  Cover these scraps thoroughly with damp newspaper strips, or you’re going to invite every fruit fly in the neighborhood to the party!


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