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Featured Customer Comment: SHE

Are you thinking about ordering a batch of Alabama Jumpers to enrich your garden?  Take a look at the comments written today by S.H.E.

My Alabama Jumper Update: What became fondly referred to as the ”Travelin’ Bag O’ Worms” made the final roadtrip to their new home garden last Saturday. Because it was starting to rain, I changed my planned release area from a lower bulb garden area to a rather sheltered raised bed with terrestrial orchids (Cymbidiums, Cyprepediums, Bletillas, etc..). The bottom of the bed is open to the earth, so they are free to explore unimpeded when they choose to wander. I dug out a narrow trench, opened the bag and gently deposited the worms and their bedding directly into the bed. I was expecting lively worms and that is just what I got… Oh My! Obviously I worried needlessly about their well-being because they dove into the soil like it was a fancy pool. I did cover them with a layer of mulch in case the resident blue jays saw it as a buffet, but checking on the bed later, they were not obvious to the eye and hopefully enjoying their new digs! The poetic part was that Saturday’s full moon is referred to as The Worm Moon in folklore and I must admit I did say a small blessing for the worms.
Thank you for my first positive worm experience! It will not be my last.

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