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Do Worm Castings Help Your Veggies Grow?

Have you ever tasted an artichoke?   If you have not, you’ve really missed out on a great tasting vegetable.  Actually, in my household, we call the artichoke a Mayonaisse delivery system…..because there is always plenty of Mayo for dipping this yummy treat.

Take a look at how HUGE my artichoke plants have grown.  They look more like how healthy plants look at the beginning of summer.  This is normally NOT how plants look in March!    What is the secret to my HUGE plants?    No secret…just a mixture of worm castings and neglect. 🙂  It’s true…other than applying castings, I’ve done nothing to these plants.  I didn’t even water them!   When it rained…they drank.

Last year we had hundreds of artichokes.  I’m expecting that many again this year!

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