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Disaster? Or Minor Setback?

A year ago Christmas Eve, I bought this Dwarf Asian Pear Tree.  It’s been in my backyard in a pot the entire time.   I even started to get little tiny Asian Pears….how cool is that?

I decided to change my landscaping a bit, and put the pear in a different pot (One that matches the other pots) in the front yard.

No big deal, right?

So….I’m taking the tree out of the backyard pot and I hear a loud and sickening, “SNAP”.    I investigate further and realize I just snapped the tap root of my healthy Asian Pear Tree.  This is the equivalent of breaking someone’s back….NOT GOOD.

Within days, most of the leaves fell of the tree.  All of the small fruits shriveled and dropped off.  I was ready to give my tree last rites, and take it to the curb to be picked up by the trash man.  I decided to try something first.  I put about 5 pounds of castings around the base of the trunk and waited…..The picture above suggests that this tree may just be salvageable!

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